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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kylie's Kiss Blog Blitz

Good Morning Friends!

It is with great pleasure I bring to you this blog blitz for my fellow WR author & friend, Delia Latham with her newest release, Kylie's Kiss - book 2 in her Solomon's Gate series.

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, recently transplanted to Oklahoma where she lives with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend—but above all, she treasures her role as child of the King and heir to the throne of God. Delia enjoys big, loud, happy family gatherings. When she’s not writing, she loves to play piano and sing, read, enjoy nature’s beauty, and design marketing products for authors.
A former newspaper Staff Writer and frequent contributor to her hometown’s regional publication, Bakersfield Magazine, she has also freelanced projects to a public relations firm and various magazines; has compiled, edited, and designed cover art for several book projects for Kindness Incorporated and Chuck Wall, the president/founder of that organization; and has sold greeting card verse. Many of her short stories, articles, and devotions can be found online.

Latham’s backlist of published novels includes: Goldeneyes (2008, Vintage Romance Publishing); Yesterday’s Promise (2010, White Rose Publishing); Destiny’s Dream (2010, White Rose Publishing, Solomon’s Gate Series, Book 1); and Mine! (children’s picture book, 2011, Vinspire Imaginations). Kylie’s Kiss (Solomon’s Gate, Book 2) released in April 2011. Book 3 in the Solomon’s Gate Series will also be available in 2011, with release date pending.

On a dare, Kylie Matthews lands smack in the middle of Solomon’s Gate—Castle Creek’s new Christian dating agency—and she finds herself revealing exactly what she’s waiting for in a relationship: “The kiss that steals my breath away.”

What she doesn’t reveal is her lack of self-esteem or her irrational reaction to facial disfigurement. Neither is applicable to her quest to find the perfect match. But that seemingly superficial malady becomes all-important when her first agency-arranged date is Rick Dale—a man who is everything Kylie is searching for. He’s handsome, smart, fun. Rick has it all…including an angelic six-year-old daughter with severe scarring on one side of her face.

Hard at work founding a therapy camp for young female victims of deformity or disfigurement, Rick wants Kylie to be a part of those plans. She’d love to say yes…but how can she, when every contact with the facility’s guests—and Rick’s own daughter—will make her violently ill?

Kylie is ready to admit their relationship doesn’t stand a chance, but she’s forgotten that God makes a way where there seems no way.

To commemorate her series and Kylie's Kiss blog blitz, Delia is giving away the following prize to one lucky person at the end of the day!

The pendant is about 2 1/2 inches long and the decoration is the same on both sides.

The oil is
Hadas'sah Queen Esther Oil. Necklace and oil from The Master's Jewels.

To find out more about this author visit: Her website: www.delialatham.net. OR Blog:www.my-book-bag.blogspot.com  And sign up for her Newsletter! www.bookshelfnewsletter.blogspot.com

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Good luck in the drawing!



margie said...

Happy Birthday Delia!! Looking for to reading Kylie's Kiss...Please enter me for a chance to win. margie at mijares dot net

Delia Latham said...

Pamela, thank you so much for allowing Kylie and me to stop by your blog! We're looking forward to our time here. Margie, we're glad you could come by, as well - and you are entered! :)

Patsy said...

Have a great birthday, Delia! Enjoy your day! Your book sounds great. I've got to read it!


Marianne Evans said...

Happy birthday, Delia - I'll be following your progress - and I just adore Kylies Kiss -- Kylie is such a sweetie-pie!! :-)

Kylie said...

Hello, everyone! Delia stepped out for a bit, but I'm here...and eager to discuss my story. :) God worked such a miracle in my life in Kylie's Kiss, and I'm hoping something about the story will bless you, as well. I'd love to answer any questions you might have about my own story or the Solomon's Gate series. Who'll be first?

Kylie said...

Thank you, Patsy! I hope you do read Delia's books - and I hope you love them - especially my story, of course! :) Thank you, Marianne, although I'm not sure "sweetie-pie" is an accurate description...I can be pretty stubborn sometimes. But I'm really glad you think so! :)

Carmen7351 said...

I believe in the power of anointing oil. Please enter me for the necklace.

Linda at desertrose at gmail dot com

Kylie said...

Hi, everyone! So glad you're all here. Thanks for the compliment, Marianne, but from what I hear...you're the sweetie pie! :) Carmen, I'm always thrilled when I find someone else who's been made aware of the power of anointing oil! I know it's not the oil itself, but the obedience to God's edicts, and perhaps the preparation of our hearts as we go into prayer. Whatever it ism, it's amazing! :)

Donna B said...

Hi all! I'm trying to catch up with Kylie! Haven't seen her yet...sorry, I gotta go!

Kylie said...

Love seeing so many familiar faces and loyal hearts from blog to blog! Donna...yoohoo! I'm here, I'm here! :)

Kylie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kylie said...

I'm here, Donna! I was here yesterday, but I had the hardest time keeping the Cyber-gremlins from eating all my comments. lol I'm sorry I missed you.

Readers, remember that - although the first prize drawing took place this morning - you can still leave comments up through June 30th for the pdf book giveaways!

Delia Latham said...

Hello again, everyone! Did I mention that the fun is not yet over? Although the First Prize was awarded this morning, FOUR PRIZES still remain to be given away. Comments may be left here and on all participating blog posts until midnight, June 30th. Winners will be drawn on July 1st, and may choose from pdf copies of either Destiny's Dream, Kylie's Kiss, or my self-pubbed book of devotions and inspirational musings, Morning Rendezvous.
Keep on talking, readers - Kylie and I are still listening!

Emma said...

Happy birthday, Delia! This sounds like a great book.Please enter me in the giveaway.Thanks for the giveaway.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

Delia Latham said...

You are entered, Emma! Good luck!