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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Spotlight - Quest for the Nail Prints!

Good Morning Friends and Happy Easter to you all!

In this holiest of weeks it is my pleasure to bring a very special spotlight to you - a newly released book from Sheaf House Publishers - Quest for the Nail Prints by Don Furr.

I've had the priveledge of reading this book and must say - it'll certainly make you think!

Before our spotlight though...here's my life in a nutshell: Not much new to report. I've sent a few more changes in on The Visionary and am still awaiting cover art. I'm editing my uncontracted novel, Circles of Fate. I hope to publish that novel sometime this year also. As usual I'm still travelling quite often between Texas and Louisiana as I'm sure I'll do from now on. Still editing for others, still peddling my online course, Networking 101 and well...just keep on keeping on! Boring huh? LOL!  Not really, just life. :-)

Now....onto our spotlight!

Don Furr can add to his list of accomplishments the title of author. A world traveler, Don is an accomplished actor and playwright who owns and operates a major exhibit services company. He and his wife reside in Memphis, Tennessee, and have three children and three grandchildren. He has piloted his Ranger helicopter for a local television station and is currently customizing a 1981 DeLorean as a replica of the car in the movie Back to the Future. He is an active member of First Baptist Church in Lakeland, Tennessee. Find out more about Don by visiting his website and/or blog!

Nail print touches every page of new time travel novel  by Memphis author, Don Furr

Haven’t we all dreamed of walking with Jesus? Wondered what it would be like to talk with Him as He peers into our eyes and tells us the secrets of why? Do you long to touch His face and callused hands, knowing full well that your only response could be nothing more than a trembling smile as He brushes away your tears and gazes into your soul? What if you could touch the scars . . . trace the outline of the nail prints, like Thomas?

Quest for the Nail Prints is the story of three ordinary people chosen by God for an extraordinary journey. A journey so amazing even they have a hard time believing that it is real. Through unrelated circumstances, Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, Reverend Paul Ryann, and Professor Leonardo Van Eaton find themselves sharing a journey to the Holy Land . . . when suddenly they are thrust back in time nearly two thousand years and find themselves face to face with the rugged, radical rabbi known throughout the region as Jesus of Nazareth.

This is the story of how a personal encounter with the living Christ in His time creates the journey of a lifetime! Not only for the characters traveling within the pages of the book, but for all who take the journey with them.

With thousands of books on the market, what makes this one different? There is literally a nail print individually hand driven through the entire book, from front to back. Why the nail print?

“The idea of the nail print surfaced during the first draft,” says Don Furr. “From the very start, I knew the part the nail prints would play. The idea quickly flourished into the nail prints marking every page, much in the same way I picture the nail prints touching every page of our lives.”


Time is not at all what it seems. It does not flow in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.   —Albert Einstein

Chapter One

Ellen Barnes yanked the page from the fax machine and raced down the narrow corridor that led to the doctors’ quarters. For courtesy’s sake, she rapped once on the door, then burst into the dark room.

“Elizabeth,” she barked. “Pile-up on I-40 at the 25-mile marker. RCC says they have a thirteen-year-old male, critical --”

Stretched across the bed, the young resident stirred.

“Doctor Stewart!” Ellen snapped, flipping on the light to illuminate the dark room.

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart sat up. “A thirteen-year-old?”

The flight nurse focused on the report. “Well, so far we’ve got a DOA, two non-critical, and the boy’s being extricated right now. They say they’ll have him out by the time we get there.”

The clock said 1:55 a.m. Elizabeth had been asleep a mere forty minutes. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and struggled to focus.

The only sound was the rain assaulting the single window of the cramped, unadorned room. This was her second twenty-four-hour shift this week at Memphis Hospital Wing, an air medivac unit serving the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Unit, the only level-one trauma unit for two hundred miles in any direction.

Obviously Medivac services had gotten a call and patched through to the “red phone” that set the medical team’s life in motion. Hospital Wing’s policy was that no flights could depart with ceilings below or forecasted below five hundred feet. If administration made the decision to make a flight, and then couldn’t make it to the scene because of weather or, even worse, they picked up the patient and couldn’t make it back to the trauma unit, a critical patient would have little chance of survival. The conditions on this night were marginal at best.

From its berth in the nearby hangar, the piercing whine of the jet engine rattled the walls as the chopper blades spooled up to full rpm. Elizabeth stood up, pulled her shirt on over her head, and dropped her crucifix inside. She double knotted her scrubs and reached for the door. Her heart skipped a beat. She tripped the light, and she and Ellen sprinted down the cinder-block hallway and into the hangar.

The smell of jet fuel was intoxicating, sending adrenaline coursing through Elizabeth’s veins. She and Ellen grabbed their headsets and mounted the maroon and gray A-Star.

Elizabeth was a good fit for the disaster business, with a stint in Desert Storm and two years at the MED under her belt. Ellen was also a seasoned medical pro, serving three plus years in the ER and with LeBonheur’s Pedi-flight. They made a tough team who never cracked, no matter how intense the pressure.

Continue reading chpt 1: http://questforthenailprints.blogspot.com/p/quest-excerpt.html

Wow! What a book to read this time of year!

Quest for the Nail Prints is available now at Amazon.com; Barnes & Noble; Books-a-Million; and Christianbook.com

Well Friends that about wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight & My Life in a Nutshell. Hope to see you again soon.

IMW, may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ fill your life to overflowing!

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