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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Spotlight - New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends,

Well WRP is definitely on the ball with another great release! But first my life in a nutshell....Sent off edits on The Visionary and received my final copy back. Of course there is still time to make a few changes should we find any errors. I'm expecting a cover soon (I hope!) and will post that on here as soon as I receive it. I've created an online workshop for authors on networking and will begin offering it to folks everywhere soon. In conjunction with the course, I edited and published a short ebook, Simple Promotional Tools for Every Author and it is availble as a Kindle download for only $3.00!

That's about it folks, still travelling between TX and LA often - OH! and I've listed all of my print books for sale at Ebay!

Okay, enough about me and on to our spotlight!

If you loved Rodeo Redemption, You won't want to miss Rodeo Rescue, another winner by award-winning author, Teri Wilson.

With the ink still dry on her new veterinary license, Rodeo Queen Ruth Davis returns to Angel Springs as the new town vet. It seems her plans to save the world as a veterinary missionary are on hold. But, when her first patient arrives in the arms of battered rodeo man, Dodge Atwell, she realizes God has bigger plans than she ever dreamed possible.

The last thing Dodge wants, or needs, in his life is Ruth. Her annoying habit of quoting Scripture only serves to remind him that she’s everything he’s not—Pure, innocent, good.

When Dodge returns to her clinic, with yet another rescued dog, Ruth cannot help but become fascinated with the man and his scars—the physical ones there for the world to see, as well as spiritual ones she senses lurking beneath the surface.

Could the reluctant animal savior be the hero she’s been waiting for all her life?

Rodeo Rescue is available in Ebook & Print from White Rose Publishing and while you're there, check out Teri's other titles!

Well friends, that wraps up another edition of Sat. Spotlight and my life in a nutshell LOL!

Stay tuned for more.....

Until later...take care, be Blessed and remember....What we perceive as a disappointment is usually a divine delay ~ "Inspirational with an Edge!"

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Dora Hiers said...

Oooh, Rodeo Rescue sounds fabulous! Can't wait to download it on my Ipad!

Dora Hiers