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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Fitting Tribute

The week of May 15th is National Law Enforcement week and it is customary for police departments to honor their comrades who have died the previous year.

This year, the Iowa Police Department unveiled a memorial wall on which a plaque containing the name(s) of fallen officers has been placed.

My husband was one of the officers honored and today, my birthday, I'm proud to share a few photos from the memorial service held on 5/13/10.

The plaque I was given to honor my husband's time of service to the Iowa Police Department which states....
In Memory of
Terry L Thibodeaux, Sr
Iowa Police Department Service
09/13/2004 - 12/31/2005
In Recognition of the Service Provided to the Town, Citizens and Department
"The Lord is My Shepard: I Shall Not Want"
May 13, 2010

             Terry's name plate and DOB - DOD which is on the Memorial wall above another lovely plaque that tells of the honor and courage of those who wear "The Badge of Gold" 

There were balloons for every officer as well as military personnell, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department, Louisiana State Police and a couple of surrounding law enforcement divisions. After the dedication of the wall, we were called up to receive the balloons and after a closing prayer, we turned them loose in a beautiful display of Red, White & Blue in honor of our loved ones.

The Memorial Wall itself is a work of art. The Archangel Michael "God's First Police Officer" and the Patron Saint of Police officers holds a fallen officer in his arms assuring us he watches over those who serve and protect and carries them into the arms of God when He calls them home. To the left is a plaque with The Policeman's Prayer and to the right is The Badge of Gold Plaque. A bench anchored by two planters filled with flags sits in front of the wall for those who wish to spend a few moments alone to honor the memory of the officer's whose names are on the wall. Thankfully NONE were killed in the line of duty!

Terry loved law enforcement and wore his badge with honor, pride and courage as I'm sure every officer has and does.

All-in-all the ceremony was a fitting tribute to my husband as well as every officer who has lost their life in service to the people of their community/state and country.

I am proud to have been a police officer's wife.

Have you THANKED a Law Enforcement Officer today?

Watch KPLC TV coverage of the dedication HERE!


Winona said...

Such a beautiful and fitting tribute. I, too, am glad none of the officers were killed in the line of duty. I consider that to be a testament to good, honorable police work. Balloon releases are touching to say the least. I am happy to know that BWG has a scholarship in Terry's memory. Each October is infant loss awareness month. When I was in LC and facilitated the infant loss group support group we had a balloon relaeas of pink, blue, yellow, and white balloons with notes from family members tied to them.

Clare Revell said...

Lovely tribute. Espacially the releasing of the balloons.
We had a police officer stabbed today in the course of his duty. He's currently in a serious condition in hospital.

Tanya Hanson said...

OH, Pam, I've got tingles and goose bumps reading this. How lovely, how lovely. My husband was a firefighter for 34 years, so we share a strong brotherhood with police officers. My heart goes out to you! oxoxoxox

Donna B said...

What a beautiful tribute, Pam. How wonderful to have Terry memorialized in such an honorable way!

Jan Rider Newman said...

Thanks for sharing this, Pam. What a lovely tribute.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments.

Clare, my prayers are with the officer and his family.


Linda Swift said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely tribute, Pam. We are all so grateful for the men who protect us from harm...the law enforcement officers, firefighters, and men in the armed services to name a few of the most important ones. And our thanks should always included their families who also sacrifice and support them in their chosen work.