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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Judith Leger!

Hello Friends,

Today I'm spotlighting a dear friend, neighbor (well sort of - she lives a few miles down the road from me LOL), fellow author and Bayou Writers' Group member - Judith Leger with her two new releases!

First a little bit about Judy in her own words.....

Born and raised in the South, I make Southwest Louisiana my home. A dreamer, I have turned my writing into a doorway to my imagination to share with the world. Reading--living in other worlds--has always been a part of my life, and in 1996, I decided to let others visit the places in my imagination. My muse set free, I write mostly paranormal fantasy and futuristic stories, but also dabbles in contemporary fiction. I am happily married to a full-blooded Cajun. We have three sons, a horse, a lab and a very, very spoiled dachshund. When I'm not busy writing, I work in higher education and enjoy reading fantasy, romance, and playing video games with my sons. Favorite Saturday evening consists of bowls of buttered popcorn and watching tons of Anime with my boys and Gracie (the dachshund).

Though not her first publication, Love's True Enchantment is Judith's debut novel!

Illusionist Shay Evers needs to right the wrong he committed twenty-four years ago. He has two weeks to convince Caitlyn Reiley magic is real. If he fails, she will die from the curse placed upon her, and he’ll lose the only person he’s ever loved.

Magic is for fools, and Caitlyn Reiley is no fool. As a news reporter, she is chosen for the coveted task of interviewing Shay Evers at his home in Wales. When Shay haunts her dreams and sparks her passion, her beliefs are threatened and she battles her growing desire for Shay.

As the clock ticks, will the unlikely pair discover love’s true enchantment or will time run out?

Judith's other new release is a novela - Heart's Reunion!

After attending her great grandmother’s funeral, Sabre Nichols assumes she’ll stay a week at the old homestead on Witch Mountain and then return to her job as a paranormal researcher. But strange events on the mountain wreak havoc with her plans. Even her late Granny’s tenant seems to hide something eerie behind his brilliant blue gaze...

Micah McGregor seems so familiar to Sabre, and he definitely gets her heart racing. But can she trust him to help find the source of the spectral activities? Or will he believe the tales of her witch heritage? If she puts her faith in Micah, she may find answers... and lose her heart.

Heart's Reunion is a companion story to her story The Witch Within so I'm going to share that one with you too!

A scream echoes over Witch's mountain. A three hundred year old carving attacks for no reason. Widow Glory Sinclair fights against an unknown evil as she struggles with her growing attraction for Sheriff Will Moore.

Well friends if you like Spicy Paranormal Romance - then these books are perfect for you and they are ALL available NOW from The Wild Rose Press!This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hope you've enjoyed this edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Check back often for more news and spotlights of other great authors and their books!

Until later....take care, be Blessed and remember....everyday is a day for thanksgiving!

Pamela S Thibodeaux

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Mona Risk said...


Congratulations on your new releases. I like the excerpt. Wishing you a lot of sales.

Linda Swift said...

I enjoyed reading about your life, and I wish you great success with your new book, Judith.

Donna B said...

Your stories sound wonderful. Looks like it's time for me to mosey on over and look at some of the latest releases!

Mary Ricksen said...

Judith, Wow, three great books. They all sound so fantastic. The blurbs got me. Good luck, gotta have these!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Judith,
Congratulations,on your releases. Your paranormals sound very interesting,Í enjoyed the excerpts but I dont think I would want to read them before I went to bed, I might have nightmares. I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to spooky things.

Cate Masters said...

Great post, ladies! Congrats Judith on your three releases. They all sound wonderful. Best of luck with them! I love all three covers too.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Pam and Judith

Great post. Judith, you know how much I enjoyed 'The Witch With' so I'm just going to have to get hold of 'Hearts Reunion.' I love the sound of 'Love's True Enchantment' too. You are so talented, Judy.

Congrats on all your releases

Judith said...

Wow, I was out of pocket this weekend and I come in to find such a fantastic response to Pam's blog! Thanks so much everyone!

Mona, thanks for stopping by!
Linda, life is good! Especially on Saturday nights!
Donna, thanks!
Mary, hope you enjoy!
LOL, Margaret! They're perfect for an eerie, dreary day!
Thanks, Cate. Glad you made it!
Lyn!! Thanks for stopping by, Love! Appreciate it!

Amber Green said...

Just dropped by to say hi to Judith.
She forgot to tell you one thing: Gracie is the true Queen of Louisiana.

Judith said...

So true, Amber, so true! Thanks for stopping by, Love!