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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Wendy Davy!

Hello Friends,
Please welcome back friend & fellow White Rose author, Wendy Davy and her book Drake's Retreat.

You may remember that Wendy has been hooked on reading romance novels ever since she picked up the first one over twenty years ago. That's also when her imagination started to roll and it hasn't stopped since. When she finally realized that God put the desire to write into her heart, she knew her dreams of becoming an author could turn into a reality.

Wendy is a member of the Romance Writers of America and continue to be an avid reader. When not writing, she spends her energy chasing around her beautiful young children, enjoying her own real-life hero, and watching movies with friends.

Blurb: The Adventure Begins…In the Heart of the Wilderness.
Maggie Reynolds needs a place to hide. Drake’s Retreat is the perfect solution. Nestled deep in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Drake Strong’s couple’s retreat is the ideal location for Maggie to regain control of her shattered life. But, convincing the intimidating resort owner to allow her to attend the retreat, without a partner, is the first of many obstacles she must overcome in the heart of the wilderness.

Drake Strong’s responsibility to his guests includes keeping them safe from the dangers they may encounter at his retreat. When Maggie shows up alone and unprepared for his remote resort, his responsibility to her becomes much more personal than he had ever intended.

"You'd better get settled and ready for supper," Drake's voice cut into her thoughts as he mysteriously appeared behind her. "It's getting close to five and Aunt Cammie always has the meal ready on time."

Maggie just about jumped out of her new boots and twisted around. "I didn't see you behind me."

"You should be more alert. I could have been a bear," he growled as he carried the crate of supplies past her.

"You are a bear, Mr. Strong," Maggie made sure she spoke loud and clear as she posted her hands on her hips.

Drake immediately stopped and dropped the crate to the ground. He stood tall and held his back rigid to her for a moment. When he turned to face her, he had a smile on his lips that didn't quite reach his eyes. He slowly stepped toward her and she had to make a conscious effort not to retreat.

"I should warn you, Maggie," he stepped within the realm of her personal space and continued, "As your host, I can make your stay here pleasurable. Or, I can make it a living nightmare. Which do you prefer?"

Maggie closed the gaping hole in her mouth to speak. "P-probably the former, Mr. Strong. I mean Drake. I apologize. My runaway mouth has gotten me into trouble more than once."

Drake's eyes lowered to her lips. "I don't doubt that for a minute." His eyes turned a shade darker as they made their way back to hers.

She moistened her dry lips. He watched.

Maggie fought hard to find her voice. "I've been a bit on edge lately. With all that's been happening…," Maggie trailed off. "Maybe we can start over."

"You're mistaken. There is no we," Drake said as he turned and picked up the crate. He walked away without a backward glance.
Oh boy...sounds like another great story from White Rose Publishing! My word but The Wild Rose Press and it's sister company White Rose Publishing is taking the industry by storm!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Saturday Spotlight. Hope to see you again next week.
Until later....take care, stay in touch, be BLESSED and remember - as long as you live, testify to LOVE~


Donna B said...

Wow! Sounds great! I know what I'll be picking up next time I go browsing at WRP.

Wendy Davy said...

Thanks Donna!