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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Author Spotlight - Mirella Patzer!

Hello Friends,

Mirella Patzer is not only a talented author but my editor at Enspiren Press and she's on tour -virtual book tour that is- with her novel Bloodstone Castle.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes! During the Bloodstone Castle Virtual Book Tour, Mirella will be offering several giveaways for people who participate and comment in the tour. People are encouraged to visit each tour stop shown on the schedule. Each comment on any of the tour stops is an entry in the book giveaway. Several copies of Bloodstone Castle will be given away at the end of the month. One will be given to the “best” comment, one for the “most unique and relevant” question. In addition, the blog host where the winning comments were posted will also win a copy of the book. So, visit Mirella, learn more about Bloodstone Castle and post comments. Mirella looks forward to getting to know her readers.
About the book: Bloodstone Castle stands sentinel on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. Secreted somewhere in its dungeons is an ancient Roman treasure of immense value. Contessa Morena of Bloodstone Castle possesses a mysterious bloodstone pendant, the only proof the treasure exists. Since childhood, she has been promised in marriage to Duke Ernesto of Savona. Ernesto is a desperate man, a gambler who has lost his family's fortune, a man who resorts to murder, not once, not twice, but three times to keep from paying his debts and to hide his dirty secret.

Marriage to the lovely Morena will make the treasure his and restore his power and desperate circumstances. After the brutal murder of his father, Duke Amoro of Genoa swears two oaths. The first is to avenge his father's death. The second is to honour his father's dying wish and wed Morena of Bloodstone Castle and end the violent feud with between their two families. He severs his affair with his mistress, Laria, and departs for Bloodstone Castle to propose to Morena. But Morena refuses to marry him. Her life thrown into chaos, Morena must choose between obligation and honour, truth and lies, good and evil. She must honour the betrothal her father arranged with Ernesto. Amoro continues to try to convince Morena otherwise.

Ernesto arrives at Bloodstone Castle to claim his bride, but finds Amoro there. The two men confront each other with much animosity.Then, when the murdered body of Morena's father is brought home, Amoro helps her with his burial, then her and takes her to his home in Genoa. He is fiercely protective over her. This angers Morena at times because she insists upon her independence. While she is conducting an act of charity, she notices Amoro's men following her. As she tries to escape, she falls from her horse and is taken back to Amoro. When Amoro agrees to allow Morena full independence, they set a wedding date.

Laria and Ernesto meet and together they plan to separate Amoro and Morena.On the day of the wedding, Morena falls into the clutches of Ernesto. Amoro arrives to rescue her and the two men agree to battle each other - winner gets the girl. Ernesto cheats and Amoro is held prisoner. Morena realizes her love for Amoro and to save his life, agrees to marry Ernesto. Laria is free to pursue Amoro again. But Amoro continues to refuse Laria. When Laria learns that Ernesto plans to kill Amoro, she aids Morena in a daring rescue to Amoro and his men.In medieval Italy, two men face each other with ruthlessness and intensity. Enter their world of splendour and depravity, of passion and wickedness.

It is Italy's most dazzling and dangerous age, and as Duke Amoro of Genoa and Duke Ernesto of Savona match wits and cunning, it is a dance the death to decide which one of them will win the hand of the beautiful Countess Morena and the hidden treasure of Bloodstone Castle.
Meet Mirella Patzer - Your Guide on This Adventure. Books are one of Mirella Patzer's obsessions, especially those that pertain to medieval eras and with Italy as a backdrop. To fulfill a life long dream, she began writing several years ago and has never looked back. Since then she has published several short stories and completed two novels with several more novels in various stages of completion. Her fascination for women of history and Italy is often reflected in her work, blogs, and website. When she's not immersed in research or writing or blogging, Mirella works as an editor for Enspiren Press. She writes from her home in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, surrounded by her husband, two college-bound daughters, and a rambunctious little grandson who frequently interrupts her work with a variety of unanticipated, yet humorous calamities and interruptions. For her, life couldn't get any better.
Interview with Mirella!

Tell us a little about yourself and your life. My name is Mirella Patzer and I'm a published author of historical fiction. I live in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, between Calgary and the Canadian Rockies. After a 28 year career as a civilian manager for the Calgary Police Service, I was able to retired in July of 2007 and focus on my new career as an author.

How do you fit writing into your schedule? What does your workspace look like? My writing schedule doesn't begin until around 2 p.m. every day. Mornings are dedicated to a little housework, an hour walk or a workout, and then putting something together for supper. It isn't until 2:00 p.m. that I sit down at my computer. The first thing I do is respond to my email. After that, I may update my blogs or write a critique or two for another author from my on-line critique groups. I may also do one or two things to promote my novel such as finding a new website to list my novel or updating my Chapters or Amazon page. I review books so I often may have to write a review or two. I will then try to write for an hour or so. When it's time to retire for the night, I edit one of the novels I'm editing for Enspiren Press. After that, I read a chapter or two of a novel before calling it a night. Saturdays and Sundays are purely reserved for writing.

My workspace consists of a beautiful wine colored ornate desk in my Family Room (because my hubby has ownership of the home office). So I sit beside a tv and amidst a mountain of toys, close to the kitchen. It really doesn't make for a very ideal workspace, however, I've adapted enough that I can tune out the tv, people hovering, and kitchen noise if I have to. I also keep a laptop in the bedroom in case I need to escape and write in solitude or take it out onto the deck so I can write and enjoy the sunshine.

What kinds of advice would you give a new writer? Is there anything that you have learned that you can pass on to someone just starting out? First, believe that you can do it. Many people think they can never write a novel. I was one of those people. Just write and believe in yourself. Also, find a good critique group, online or in person. This is critical. Without regular feedback from other authors, you will not master the skills of writing as fast. Friends and family are great for support, but they are not authors. New writers need strong, focused feedback that often pertains to the technical side of writing. A good critique group, even the on-line ones are terrific. I belong to two and I owe much credit to my critique partners who have helped me succeed as a writer.

What kinds of books will we find on your bookshelf? My bookshelf is stuffed with historical novels from Wilbur Smith, Philippa Gregory, Elizabeth Chadwick, Barbara Erskine, Sharon Kay Penman, and many more too numerous to mention. There are a few contemporary novels there, but very few. I tend to stick to historicals of any kind, but especially those that pertain to women of history.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you eat it on a cone, out of a bowl or straight from the carton? I've never been a big ice cream fan, but when I do indulge, it is always with chocolate. I'm a chocaholic in the purest sense. I prefer to eat it out of a small bowl at my desk or while watching tv.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? I would go to German and Italy. I have to conduct some research for a trilogy I'm writing about the Ottonian Empire so I have to visit Quedlinburg, Erfurt, Magdeburg, Lago di Garda, Pavia, and Ortona - all sites of future novels. What are you working on now? I'm currently working on two novels - The Orphan of the Olive Tree - a medieval romance written by a queen in 14th century France. In its original state, it is the length of a very short story, so I've expanded the plot and am re-writing it with my own characters and setting. I'm also working on A Crimson Mantle, a novel about Queen Matilde of Germany in the 10th century. This is the first book in a series about her family. What does your family think about your writing? My family is very supportive and they understand this is my passion. However, unless they are writers themselves, they do not know the amount of work and time and research involved in writing a novel. They simply know that I'm busy at my computer writing, so to them it looks simpler than it really is.

Where can readers and fans find out more about you and your books? My website is: http://www.mirellapatzer.com. I also have a blog at: http://mirellapatzer.blogspot.com/. I write about a variety of topics, from recipes to book reviews, to writing. A real mish mash of topics.
Bloodstone Castle, my novel, now has its own blog at: http://bloodstonecastle.blogspot.com. All the characters are listed and I blog about related topics pertaining to the setting, castles, bloodstones, recipes, etc.
Best of Italy is one of my favourite blogs and I blog about anything and everything Italian. http://bestofitaly.blogspot.com.
I also have a fun blog called Author Cookies. Here I collect the favourite cookie recipes of some of my favourite authors. Visit: http://authorcookies.blogspot.com and be prepared to drool.
And finally, I review books at: http://historicalnovelreview.blogspot.com./

Thank you so much for hosting me today. I always enjoy working with you, Pam.

The complete tour schedule is posted here -

is available now @ Amazon.com!

Well folks, hope you've enjoyed this look into the life of a wonderful author, editor, reviewer and friend!

Until later remember....Share joy and joy will abound in your life!
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Mirella Patzer said...

Hello Pamela,
I'm so excited to be here. Thank you so much for hosting me. I would love to reciprocate and host you one day very soon.

I'm currently on a bit of a vacation and am emailing you from Couer d'Alene Idaho and Spokane Washington. We're running back and forth between these two towns or cities.

But don't worry, I'll be checking in throughout the day.

You've got a lovely blog and it will be fun visiting.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Lovely to have you here, Mirella!

I wish you the best with your tour.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Pamela,
I loved Mirella's excerpt, It sounds a really exciting story. Can't say I have read anything Italian before. Gorgeous cover too.
Congratulations to you and Mirella for putting together such a great article.

Cindy K. Green said...

How lovely to meet you here on Pamela's blog. You fascinated me by your story here and everything you are involved in concerning medieval and renaissance Europe. I'm a historian by training and taught World History but actually my research is in American history and that is what I ending up writing about. Can you tell me what incited your interest in this time period? All the best,

Beth Trissel said...

I love the title of this book--fabulous--and the whole concept behind it. History blended with mystery and spiced with romance. Recipe for a terrific story. Fascinating. How's your virtual tour going, Mirella?

Mirella Patzer said...

Hello Pam, Cindi, Margaret and Beth,

It's great to meet you here. I'm on pacific time today so a little behind you.

I've always loved the medieval era, ever since I was a child. I have spent the last 5 years researching the 10th cenutury for my series on the women of the Ottonian empire so thought I'd stay here for Bloodstone Castle.

I also love western history - Canada and the U.S. and hope to write something about that one day.

Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments and lovely compliments.

I'm vacationing in Idaho and Washington right now. I'm currently in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and crossing the border into Washington to shop in Spokane.

But I'll be checkin back several times throughout the day.

It's fun being here.

Mirella Patzer said...

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog, Pam. I'm back home now so have some catching up to do. Hope all is well.