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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Spotlight - Jackie Griffey!

Good Morning Friends,

I know I promised you an update on my life in a nutshell but to be honest, there is not much to report. Been doing some promotion, editing a novel, waiting to hear on submissions, still in transition - travelling between TX and LA, hoping to do more speaking & mentoring. Alas, everything takes much more time than I'd like so my new mantra is.... God's will, God's way, God's time - helps me to not get all bent out of shape when things don't go my way in my time LOL! I'm still trying to get better organized and focused and hopefully will be blogging more regular but until then, Saturday Spotlight and an occasional blog tour will go on.

Speaking of, please welcome Jackie Griffey with two of her novels!

Hello fellow readers and writers. I'm a 'southern' author: born in Hot Springs, Arkansas; grew up in Memphis, Tennessee; and now live with my family in Arkansas near Little Rock. All my books but one take place in the south. Though I'm published in several genres my favorites are cozy mysteries and romance/suspense.They are listed on Amazon; B&N and can be ordered from book stores (no S&H if you pick up the book at the Book store, just like Amazon). The only way I heard about this advantage of picking up the book at the store,is a reader came to me with one she'd ordered from B&N andI was glad to see she could do this. Nearly all of my list is available as e-books now. Please come visit my page and blog. You can always find my books here on Amazon so your comments and input is welcome and appreciated.I love meeting fellow readers and writers.)

A HYSTERICAL SITE begins with a BLOODY RED murder; scatters clues and COLORFUL characters from New York to the little town of Maryvale, TN; and has paranormal scenes that will make the TV SyFis GREEN with envy! Enjoy!

A Hysterical Site is available on Amazon Kindle!

ACTUAL CORPSE VALUE  has Will Tuttle's claim service adjuster and her benefactors in tears at the death of a local philnthrophist as a relentless detective works to build a case against her husband if he can find a motive and he's looking closely at the double indemnity clause.

Actual Corpse Value is also available on Kindle!

Well friends, hope you enjoy this spotlight. Stay tuned next week for a Blog Tour brought to you from Kathy Carlton Willis Communications on Wednesday and Saturday Spotlight with Kathryn J Bain!

Until then...take care & God Bless!

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