Wednesday, June 26, 2019

#WednesdayWordswithFriends with Tina Fausett

Good Morning!

Today we're visiting with a guest that has not appeared on our blog before so please welcome Tina Fausett who writes Erotic Paranormal books!

Thanks for having me. I'm Tina Fausett and I’m a writer. Life happens then I write. I’ve been very fortunate to have had so many wonderful adventures and to have lived in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and New Orleans, the place I love most (next to my front porch), and I incorporate them all in my books. I write about love, romance, heartbreak, erotica, family, friends, the government, the IRS, the users, losers and abusers…the haters, naysayers and people who want to suck the life right out of you. I try to get real. I write from experience. I write from life. I write about depression and elation, relationships and loneliness…the good, the bad, the ugly and the exquisite and beautiful. I even write about how life can be so “daily”.

I have two grown children, Autumn Abernathy and Zachary McCall. And there’s my granddaughter, Rhiannon Elizabeth, preparing for her last year of college. I am so proud of them and they are my life. I’ve owned an antique store, art gallery and pickle company that I use in my series 'A Shift in the Universe' (Swamp Witch Pickles). I’ve had battles and failures but have had to pick myself up and keep going. I've been married twice and twice divorced. I’ve traveled to amazing places. I’ve loved, I’ve been hurt, and my hearts been broken so many times, I often wonder if it can be made whole again, yet I’m always grateful. I’m no different from anyone else out there. Everyone's got a story, and I love to sit on my porch with friends and family and hear them. I am so often humbled and awed.

Now, I write books and I’m doing a blog to share stories, hopefully inspire and give hope.

I took a break from writing for a few months and one of my friends noticed a post about a book of mine on Facebook. She commented, "I see you're back to writing."

I responded, "Yes, I can only handle small breaks. It's like holding your breath as long as you can, but you finally have to let it out and start breathing again."

That's how I feel about writing.


Wow, Tina! I do believe that's how most of us feel about writing and it is SO wonderful to get back to it after a break, isn't it?! Now please tell us a little about your book.

A jealous, malevolent wife hooked on prescription drugs, a husband caught between reality and carnal fantasies, and an angel cast from heaven, are all bound together by their hatred for one woman whose spells and manifestations catch them in a downward spiral towards hell...Gina Faulkner, thought to be a voodoo queen, owner of Swamp Witch Pickles in New Orleans, is the center of it all.

Bane Colton, dangerous and cocky, sees Gina at the French Market and the game is on. He makes up his mind he's going to break the feisty redhead with the infamous kinky reputation, body and soul. And Gina's ready to be a player, until Bane’s estranged and demented wife, Beverly, wants him back.

Enter enigmatic Darsh, known to many as the Angel of Death, who’s watched over Gina since she was fifteen and has loved her almost as much as he’s hated her. Now they would come face to face. He could save her from certain peril, but could never save her from herself. Would she destroy them all and remain an unbroken beauty? At the very least, a shift in the universe was coming.


He left the car and walked across the street. Running his hand over the wrought iron gate, he remembered how she’d called to him with her eyes, like a siren in Greek mythology, luring him in. Even at that tender age, she posed the threat of impending doom, standing in her pink, low-cut disco dress, her breasts pushed up to show an ample cleavage, without exposing the nipples. Her coppery-red hair was wild and tantalizing, her face innocent and sensuous all at the same time, the sprinkle of freckles across her nose and cheeks delectable, as she stood rocking on platform heels.

He looked up at the porch, and the original gas lamp was still flickering after all these years, just like it had the night they stood gazing into each other’s eyes. He took a deep breath of the air, filled with all the heady scents of laurel, gardenia, tuberose, ginger, orange blossoms, and dozens of other flowers, and was filled with sadness. He wished he could be that boy again, knowing what he knew now. If he could go back, he would whisk her into his arms and take her away…he would have saved her from herself. But God didn’t give do-overs.

He sighed and looked at the capitals of the columns, as he used to do and, suddenly, it hit him. One was slightly different than the other three. He hadn’t seen it before. Does age make us see more clearly? Shaking his head, he answered his own question. It couldn’t. When I looked at Gina today, I saw her just like I had back then, an unbroken beauty, who needs saving from certain peril.

Wow, sounds like an amazing story Gina! We certainly wish you good luck and God's blessings with it.

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Wednesday Words with Friends and that you'll check back weekly for more interesting visits with friends and of course, Saturday Spotlight.

Meanwhile, connect with Tina on her Blog, FB, Twitter @TinaFausett & FB Author Page  @tinafausettauthor and get your copy of Unbroken Beauty at Amazon.

Until next time take care and God Bless!


  1. Hi Gina,

    The book sounds intriguing and I love the cover art.
    Best wishes.

  2. Love your comparison between not writing and not breathing. So true. Best wishes.

  3. Gotta watch those redheads, lol! The excerpt is great! Best of luck with the book.